Project Overview

Name: WNS
Date: March’17
Technology: Hologlass
Brand: WNS

Nutrifreshrefrigerator (Ios& Android App)

A new Appliance developed by Electrolux that uses fresh logic to give Fruits and Vegetables a good Vitamin Boost.Nutrilight is a unique and patented light treatment that distributes light evenly from smart LED to help improve the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables. It exposes the fruits and vegetables crisper to chosen quantities of light similar to exposing it to sun thus retaining the weight of the fruits and vegetables, enhancing its Natural color and keeping it fresher for a long time.

Imagine the same message being delivered with an app which contains video and browsed using Augmented Reality. Xenium developed an Augmented Reality app which Augments on the Brochure. This app was designed with the same objective as that of “Augmenting Smart Hob”. The main difference is augmenting the app on the fridge Brochure and playing content as per the scanned image. We even designed Videos for the App that informs the user about the technology.

Electrolux Brochure

Tablets bring a new depth to the way we interact with materials, with swiping; tapping and actually physically interacting with content. With this, Electrolux wanted to present a unique opportunity to engage customers and brand ambassadors with a whole new level of interactivity.

By combining striking design, rich interactivity and core features to keep customers coming back for more, a Tablet Brochure was designed and developed by Xenium that includes all the 16 product Catalogue of Electrolux. With interactive features built into a digital brochure, we were looking for ways to get customers get closer to the brand. The app features included

  • Video – to engage customers with full screen video content
  • Audio – to enhance customers experience with ambient sound
  • Image Galleries
  • Interactive features

It’s a great new era for businesses who can now reach a global market without the costs and limitations of print and post. Xenium developed in entire M-Brochure to provide insights and specifications of Electrolux Home Appliances. We also included “Try Out” feature where user gets an option to place the appliance in the kitchen inside the app. This app is currently developed for Android Tablets.

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